Stop Restricting and Start Living!



The amount of energy you are spending day in and day out trying to change your body is taking you away from your life.

Are you ready for a change?


Do you feel like your body is working against you? 

Perhaps at times you have ....

  • Gone on a diet to lose some weight before a big event.

  • Skipped an event because you have gained weight.

  • Avoided certain foods because they are "bad".

  • Avoided participating in activities because you are ashamed of your body. 

  • Gone to the gym to "work off" foods you ate.

  • Felt that your body is broken because you work hard, eat right and are not seeing changes.


You cannot keep this up.  


Health and fitness media bombards us daily with pictures and videos of perfectly svelte people smiling from ear-to-ear while drinking their detoxes and doing their five-minute abs.


They give us the impression that if you struggle through the program they are offering you will have the body they are wearing and be as happy as they are.


They promise happiness with our entire lives if we can just manage to lose weight and change our bodies.

These programs and the media neglect the most important factor in living a healthy, happy life.


If you want to create lasting changes and be happy the answer is not changing your body.

The truth is that your body is not a problem to be fixed. 


Don't go through life thinking about a future where you will have changed your body and can finally enjoy your life. 

You have to enjoy your life and appreciate your body before

you can work towards a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

I've been working with Selena now for about 5 months. She has been very respectful and flexible towards my values as a vegan and my busy schedule as a working mom. 
Within the first month of our coaching calls I was already transforming my relationship with food. Before I began I would use food to cope with stress and numb out my emotions. I would often feel urgency to eat, and in consequence I would rush through a meal that left me hurt and much too full. Selena has given me the tools to cope with my emotions without using food. She has also guided me in my approach towards food.  I finally have food-freedom! Aside from food I'm also exercising daily and well on my way to being my happiest, healthiest self. I truly have Selena to thank for living the lifestyle I always strived for. I could not have done it without her. 


You are not broken. You do not need fixing.


What you do need is someone to help you change your perception and mindset.  You are beautiful just as you are. I know it without seeing you and I am willing to bet there are many people in your life who see it every day. 

What makes me so qualified to help?

I struggled for years with disordered eating. I had so much shame, and guilt over food choices and I was sick, depressed, and angry at the world. 

When I started my journey I was miserable. I hated my body, hated what I saw in the mirror and shopping for clothes had me in tears on the change room floor.


I was desperate to change my body.


I thought that changing what I looked like on the outside by losing weight would make me happy and then I could start my life. 

I wanted it so badly that I tried every diet I could afford, detoxes, and fasting. I signed up for monthly shipments of supplements I didn't need and went through a period where I tried to make myself throw up.

I would punish myself in the gym day after day if I dared to eat anything that I deemed "bad". Eating "bad" foods meant I was bad. 

If my weight didn't go down one week I would berate myself, eat everything I could get my hands on and then vow to do better come Monday when I could start fresh. 

I would make plans for the future "when I lose X amount of weight I will go on vacation and wear a bathing suit" but when I did manage to achieve that goal I still hated my body and everything about it and never did end up wearing that bathing suit on the beach. 

No matter how much my body changed my views of it remained the same. 

It was very hard to keep the weight off and I did end up gaining some of it back but no matter how small I got I still wanted to change. 

The weight loss did not make me happy at all, it wasn't until years later when I found a coach to help me lose yet more weight that I discovered my real problem. I had not made some fundamental changes to my perception and mindset. 

Over the next few years I read everything I could get my hands on and practiced making these mindset and perception shifts. It took me almost ten years to get where I am now. 

Happy and confident in my body, free from food stress and never missing out on anything out of fear.

Making these changes saved my life and now I'm here to help you.

I am offering you the opportunity to learn and apply what took me years to learn in just 12 weeks. This is not a panacea; you will have to work hard and there will be times where things will get harder before they get easier, but I am offering you the chance to have me by your side for the journey.


The question is: Are you ready for change?


Listen, I have your back. I will teach you how to make lasting changes in your life, how to remove diet and exercise stress even if you are worried about gaining weight, how to give yourself grace where normally you would feel shame and guilt, and how to make friends with your body so you can work as a team.

All the personal trainers and diet plans in the world will not give you what it is you are really looking for.


Even if you lose weight, get in shape and look like the next cover model for your favorite fitness magazine it still won't be enough unless you do the inner work that is necessary. 

The thing is, I KNOW you can do it. 

I have complete faith in you. 

Working with Selena on achieving a “fitter" mind and body was probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. One, she has an unparalleled knowledge about nutrition, exercise, and mental health, and is always on top of new findings and developments in the field. Two, she focuses on the whole you - including your (and others’) ways of sabotaging yourself - which, as she will tell you, is the only way to make changes that last. Three, you can tell that she practices what she preaches, which makes a huge difference, particularly if/when you’re struggling with something.


If you want to learn more about yourself and how to be a happier, healthier you, Selena is the coach you’re looking for.


It's time to leave behind the restrictive diets, the slaving away in the gym, the guilt and the shame and move forward with your life.


It's time to book a call with me. 

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We will talk about where you are at now, what you struggle with most and I will give you some concrete things that you can begin to apply right away to get on a better path towards being happy in your body. 

If you are a good fit for one of my programs I will let you know but rest assured the decision is completely yours. You need to be 100% ready to commit for this to work. You need to be willing to work hard, get vulnerable and be a good fit for the current group I'm coaching which is why I insist on one on one time with you and am not simply selling programs on my site.

I know that you can do this.


You can live a healthier, happier life in the body you are in right now.

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