Congratulations, you are on your way to a happier way to be healthy!

I started working with Selena after having decided to start taking control of my life and my behavior but not being sure on where to start. Selena is so easy to talk to; she gave me all her attention and made very useful suggestions when I needed advice or wasn’t sure what to do next. She would regularly give me “homework”, questions to ponder about why I react or behave a certain way. They weren’t always easy to think about, it’s never easy to face your inner demons, but I’m glad I did it. Working with Selena gave me perspective that I didn’t have before, or maybe that I refused to see. She helped me work through my issues head-on in a respectful, supportive, and safe environment. She helped me start paving the road to self-acceptance, and I couldn’t be more grateful.


With Selena's gentle probing questions I was able to find a place of peace and self acceptance that is comfortable and productive. Thanks Selena!


Working with Selena helped me uncover some key barriers that were keeping me from recognizing my true worth and blocking my happiness. She helped me find the courage to peel back the layers of self-doubt with her assurances, guidance, and gently prying questions. Selena gave me the tools to make these discoveries myself, so I could proceed at my own pace and comfort level. On my own, but never alone! And because this is a journey, a lifelong process, I already feel the positive energy & freedom that comes from quieting my “trolls”, giving myself grace, and celebrating my strength. I am starting to feel my true power!