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Selena Willows

NASM CPT - PN Lv1 - Badass - Warrior Goddess - Kettlebeller - Mom - Wife - Meathead - Yogi - Foodie...Undefinable.

Living Life on Purpose.

Act 3 - Five practices to stop fighting yourself

October 19, 2016

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About Me


I had a very active childhood. I was a swimmer, a dancer and was always up for new adventures. Around the age of 15 I was diagnosed with PCOS and started to gain weight. By the time I left for university I had gone up six sizes and was gaining faster and faster. By the age of 23 I had gained over 100lbs and was 16 sizes up from what I had been in high school. I was miserable. I had met the man of my dreams but at 280lbs I was sick. I had by this time, been diagnosed with not only PCOS but also high cholesterol, type II diabetes and severe depression. I was also suffering from of joint pain, muscle aches and I had no energy whatsoever. I knew that I wanted children but not like this and so my journey began.


Over the next five years I struggled to lose 70lbs. I tried everything, read everything and worked harder than I needed to. It was a painfully slow process and full of negative self-talk and very poor habits. I would binge at home and punish myself in the gym, I was miserable. My weight was going down but I was not a happy person and my understanding of "healthy" was extremely warped.  Over the next several years I had two children and the weight was harder and harder to get off. I was frustrated and angry and looking for answers. I started looking in different places. I let go of the "drop 5lbs quickly" magazines and diet plans. I found a sport that I loved and started to change the way I thought about fitness and nutrition. 


In 2012 I joined a roller derby league (I had no idea how to skate) and was subsequently introduced to a gym and coach that changed a lot of my thinking and introduced me to a world of health I didnt know existed. I found the non "magazine cover", non "fad diet", healthy living side of things. Pretty soon my understanding of what "healthy" meant changed.  I no longer wanted to be thin, I wanted to be strong. 


Since then, I have been working not only on my own goals but also on passionately improving the help I give others with their goals. I don’t believe that my personal journey or learning will ever end; there is no destination, no goal weight, just a passion for improvement and experimentation.


Certifications and Specialties



NASM- Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition - Lv1 Nutrition Coach

Pre and Post Natal nutrition

Balanced living / Self acceptance

Healthy cooking / Meal planning